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Harriet's Above Ground YouTube Channel

Harriet's Above Ground YouTube Channel is up and running. This channel is designed to present a series of videos that will walk the viewer through the history of Black Africans and Slavery. The videos will discuss major events from the slave trade and help the viewer see in what parts of the world these events took place as well as provide insight into the sentiment of the day surrounding these events.

Anthony Ross, President and CEO of the Harriet Tubman Ross Foundation narrates this video series. This series starts in the year 1492 and will take the viewer on a journey through the history of slavery from beginning to present. Viewers will increase their knowledge of and understanding of systemic racism ands it impact on black Africans as well as other groups who have try to break down this system. Per Anthony, "viewers are encourage to do additional research as the history of black Africans does not start in 1492 but many many years before. In order to keep the project manageable I decide to start in 1492 as this is a year that most people are familiar with". So please click the button below and take a journey on Harriet's Above Ground Railroad!

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